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'Colchester spiritual connection'


1:1 sessions are available or by email

One to one sessions are available to explore who you really are, to uncover your happiness or just to get a handle on whats happening at the time.  Please email me to book your session or to chat about your requirements:  01206 865582

Life reviews

I offer 3-4 hour sessions to review your life events and release the beliefs that emerged at that time that are not helpful for you. During traumatic times we make up ways of being that restrict us in the the long run. Then we wonder why we do not feel we can achieve what we wish to in life. This process starts a shift to occur that allows change to occur, and allows you to feel better. I charge £50 for the first hour and then £25 for each hour after that so two hours is £75, three hours £100.

the course of love

A study group from the book of the same name. A way of integrating the heart and mind. It is not a way to learn but a knowing as you hear the words. We will be guided, read sections of the text, share our feelings, and meditate. The group will evolve with those that attend. Initially an introduction evening and then regular meetings will commence. 

Meditation groups

Occasionally I do meditation groups and meditation can be done on a one to one basis, either learning the basics or being guided through a channelled meditation just for you. To have a one to one session is the most unique and concentrated way of learning.

Kinesiology group sessions

Using gentle muscle testing we can gleam all sorts of information from the body, mind or soul. In the group sessions someone will volunteer to be tested on behalf of the group and a theme will emerge that involves us all. From this we all benefit ten fold in a group. 

Host events

I also welcome in other teachers to use the retreat to share their knowledge and skills. If you have a workshop or skill you would like to share with others then please let me know and we might be able to host it here. It is not a space that you rent out for any event but special ones that match the vibration of this space are welcomed. These events will also be posted on as they occur.

Contact me by e-mail at or calling me at 01206 865582.

Reaching out and taking someone's hand can be the beginning of a beautiful journey.