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'Colchester spiritual connection'


email consultations

Send me an email explaining what you are experiencing and what you would like to achieve. It might be about relationships, health & well-being, work issues, or just feeling unhappy and not knowing what to do next. Please email me the details and I will reply as soon as possible. These sessions are payable by bank transfer ideally £60 per house: 

One to one sessions

It is possible to book a face to face session although most of my work these days is by distance. Please message me to book a day and time. Cost is £60 ph at the end of the session.

the transformation game

A spiritual game to help transform, that mirrors the way you live your life now and guides you to make changes. Usually 2-3 players and these can be your friends or family, or I can organise players to join you. Games are played over several hours, a whole day or a weekend.

Kinesiology group sessions

Using gentle muscle testing we can gleam all sorts of information from the body, mind or soul. In the group sessions someone will volunteer to be tested on behalf of the group and a theme will emerge that involves us all. From this we all benefit ten fold in a group. Monthly sessions.

Contact me by e-mail at or calling me at 01206 865582.

Reaching out and taking someone's hand can be the beginning of a beautiful journey.