The Transformation Game

I came across this ‘game’ last year up in Scotland at the Findhorn Foundation where the game was developed. I was part of a game with a couple of hundred people at a Co-creative Spirituality Conference, to blend science and spirituality together. It was all a bit much to understand what was happening individually, as a group and globally. A part of me though knew clearly that I needed to learn to do this myself. 

 I have practiced getting to grips with the game, gradually seeing the depth available. Being aware of spirit hands intervening as required to assist us in our game journey which is a replica of our life journey.  Feeling healing, seeing miracles, having deep insights, clearing depressions and generally being guided through this game of life.

The game could be seen like a board game like monopoly but with spirit as co players.

It starts with each player choosing an intention to play with. We all have areas of our life we would like to improve, resolve or understand better. It could be something like: I intend to release my fear of flying. I intend to feel more relaxed or create more abundance. 

Then using the game to guide us from birth along our individual life path, we utilise the energy connected with the game to ease us through our intention to completion. During the game we have opportunities in all shapes and forms to learn from as we do in life. 

The facilitator, the role I play, is to guide you through the game and help you process the information. I have found the game an incredible tool for self exploration that takes me to places that no other tool has before. I am very grateful to the people who have spent decades developing the game. 

It is usually played here in small groups of 2-4 people and a facilitator. Games can be for a few hours, a whole day or even over a weekend. You can enlist a friend or two to play with you or players can be found to play with. Please contact me to make arrangements that suit you.




The Transformation Game