Aligning with who I am

For 21 years my family surname was Frost, then I married and became a Pain for 36 years and now I am choosing my new surname to be Peace. 

The word peace has lurked in my life for years. It’s on my wall in my office, I used to run Peace groups, I have a Facebook page called peace and my laptop screen saver says Peace. 

When I was considering a name change all this did not occur to me. Peace has been such a part of my life so long that it was me. It is so integrated I could not even see it.  

I considered Peace as my future surname then left it on a back burner, something to do later on. 

Then one day when talking to my ex it just came out of my mouth that I would change my name as we sorted out our affairs. 

Even saying it then it still felt a way off in the distance thing. I had committed to doing it but not yet.

It has taken many prompts from the Universe, especially over the last few days, for me to get to the point today to say ok let’s do it now today. 

It has made me realise that this happens with lots of things in our lives. That we get the idea and brush it off. We have lots of nudges but resist. When we are close we still have a gap between what we want and our aligned energy. When they both come together it feels pure joy and the aligned action can go ahead with ease. 

So from the end of this week my name will officially be Sally Peace which feels perfect.