Individual sessions

You might choose to come for an hour or several hours with me to explore whatever you would like to in your life and gain insights on the matter. I can read your energy, use my intuition and am connected enough to help you work through any issues. Individual half-day or full day retreats are also available if you feel you have more to explore than can be done in one hour. This gives you plenty of time to digest new information and explore various areas and have time alone in a neutral space to reassess life and come to some new conclusions. You will know what feels right for you. These are flexible offerings and can be adapted to suit your needs.



There are often groups, workshops and courses on here and you can enrol for those if you wish. A up at date list is on on the page 'Colchester Spiritual Connection'. 


residential retreats

Two days is the minimum stay, and within that time you can decide how much input, if any, you would like.  You can just stay here with no extra sessions and enjoy the countryside, the space, solitude and relaxation. Or  you might choose a 1:1 session in the morning so you can digest those insights during the day, have another in the afternoon if you wish and maybe a relaxation or meditation in the evening or have the evening to yourself.  This allows you plenty of time to go out and about, relax, read, sleep or whatever you feel you need. Or it maybe you would prefer the morning session then the afternoon off and another session in the evening. 


let me know what you might like or lets discuss it together

If you would like any other retreat or use the retreat space for workshops or events then please contact me with the details and dates preferred. 


If you would like to plan a retreat, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you.

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