The Transformation Game

A game to transform your life!

This miraculous game can be played on a light level or a deeper transformational way. It is a spiritual game that mirrors your life and is able to give you information of your patterns, thoughts and beliefs. It is usually played with one of two other people who add to your insights and I facilitate the process so you can focus on transforming.

Games can be played for a few hours, a whole day or for a weekend to give you plenty of time for soul searching and to receive all the information you need to achieve the intention you begin with.

It might be about relationships, work, life purpose, body issues, health or anything you can think of can be your focus for the game. By using the game we all travel though a journey of self discovery.

Cost until 1st September works out about £10 per hour per player depending on how many play. We play sitting around a round table in a private space, with frequent breaks and meditations. Its your time to self explore and with support have new insights about your life.


Please contact me on to book a game.