Experiencing self-awareness - right here and right now.



How do you feel looking at these pictures? Not judging them, not wanting to change them, just noticing how you feel within yourself. Do they reflect a feeling within you? 




You can choose to focus on your breathing right now. Noticing the air entering your body. Allowing the oxygen and energy to fill your entire body, filling your mind, body and soul. Then releasing your breath, allowing the wave of exhalation to emerge into the outer air. You may want to take a peaceful break right now by closing your eyes for a few moments and enjoying a few slow breaths. 



We all feel alone sometimes like this tree, isolated or separated, but if we consider the idea that we are all one, all connected, it allows us to expand our awareness right now. We can connect with the space around us, and sense the life in everything everywhere. Then often that space takes on an energy of its own, and we recognise some invisible something all around us.