We will set an intention

then allow your time here to unfold perfectly.


Energy balancing

Communicate with your body

guided meditation

spirit assistance


channelled sessions

psychic surgery

connectiNG with yourself

emotional support


compassionate listening

Practice 'being'

Knowing yourself

usually a mixture of the above



Your needs             

Your needs and wants are constantly changing so you do not need to guess what you need at retreat until you arrive. We will set aside time to explore your needs and these will unfold in our time together. By following what feels right in any given moment is a huge blessing in so many ways. Practising this and getting used to being mindful is a valuable tool.


peaceful space

Sometimes it is a case of 'doing' nothing. Just 'being' which can bring clarity.


I spent years learning every alternative and complementary therapy I could. I read hundreds of books and attended so many workshops, absorbing as much information I could to find the answers I was searching for.  Then one day I found my peace. I stopped searching for something outside of me, and felt glimpses of the peace that had been inside of me all this time. It was like finding myself and I had not even known I had been lost. 

who am i?

The biggest question of all time? I feel at this time that I am spirit, source energy, having a physical experience. My view might well change later today but at the moment this is how I see it. I observe life in an interested way, noting how I feel, and allowing myself to let go of anything that does not feel good. It is a constant work in progress but this feels right for me at this time.

My understanding is that we all reflect each other, and when we meet we will be meeting something of ourselves so we can learn from each other. That you and I are part of the whole, and we are exploring different aspects of ourselves. We know when we are on the right track because it feels good. We feel relief or elation and by following this blissful feeling we can travel our own unique soul path.

Sallys Retreat blog

I feel most of us tend to live such busy lives and have so many commitments that there is rarely time to tune into ourselves and really consider what we want in life. In our own homes and places of work there is often is not space to have some quiet time to do this. Maybe we also need more than the odd half an hour squeezed in before bed. Imagine having days of peace, of not needing to do anything and to concentrate on meeting your needs for you feel good or even amazing.

In my experience being with others sways our thoughts and choices. If you are with another person you tend to have to consider their feelings and needs as much as your own. Maybe you are such a kind person you put their needs first with the theory that if they are happy then you will be too. But are you? You are partly happier being with someone who is happier but is your inner being singing from the hill tops with joy? No I suspect not. Your job is not to try and make others happy, just yourself.

I suggest the better route is to put your needs first and then you will be jolly happy and then the other person or people will enjoy being with you because of your happiness or will go off and find their happiness for themselves. I am not suggesting being unkind or selfish, that is what we are led to believe this is. It is not at all. It is realising that only we know what we need to feel happy. It is a feeling we can feel within us, not something we think out.  Another person cannot make us happy for long. 

So back to you ….. you are the expert on you. You have this inner guidance system that might be called your gut instinct,  a feeling or just knowing what feels good that indicates to you when you are on track to feeling happy or better still joyful and full of appreciation for life.

If you keep ignoring that inner guidance then you get off track and can lose your way. After so long doing this you can get to a point where you have no idea where the track is, let alone get back on it. I had areas of my life where I knew what I wanted but then other areas where I was lost caring for others rather than myself. I so put my needs on the back burner that I had no idea what they were. I felt angry or resentful at times as I felt others were taking me for granted. I was left doing all the chores and caring while they went off and did what made them happy - or so I thought. If they told me to ‘get a hobby’ it frustrated me as I didn’t have the time or the energy to do any more and I had no recognition of what I would do if I had the time and energy.

Then my kids moved away, I separated from my husband, my friends changed, my job ended, even my living situation had to change. I was left with holes in my life and no idea what to fill them with. It took me months to gradually find people and activities that felt right. It is a work in progress for us all, we are all forever changing and would benefit from reassessing regularly and tweaking our lives to enable us to keep on that track that feels great. I am grateful that everything appeared to change at once as it was a great opportunity to completely reassess.

For you it might be little niggles of dissatisfaction, or knowing your job is not right for you any more, or that you would like a new partner or more money because that might make you feel better. Whatever it is you kind of know things are not hunky dory. You might put up with it as you do not know what to do about it. You might say to yourself that things could be worse, which is true but do you want to wait until they have to get worse before you pay attention?

So my point is that if we had regular time out to reassess, play with options, try a new life on for size, and do this with someone who would help guide and support you, then you might be able to keep on track more easily and enjoy life more in the here and now rather than wait and hope things will change. They will only change if you do.


Do you notice we all tend to have periods of lows and highs. That we can go through quite an intense period of soul searching or debating with ourselves about choices and then one day something someone says or does just makes the feeling go away. A change of mindset occurs and we let go of the problem. 

I hope to be that person for you. To help you clear whatever it is that is keeping you in an uncomfortable place. Perhaps ask you those questions that you are not asking yourself to bring clarity to the situation.

Having just had this myself I can relate to the experience. Something that I would have expected to bring me joy was actually making me tense and uncomfortable. I changed my mindset and today I am flying high, living in bliss and the whole world looks different.

Its normal, we have these times, and as long as we don't get stuck in a pattern of thinking then they do pass eventually.  If you find yourself getting stuck then do contact me and we can find some clarity together.

We are connected energetically, shall we interact consciously now?