Awaken your true self within you.

Come for an hour, a few hours or a few days.

Or have a session from the comfort of your own home.

   Life is a reflection of our inner world.



“Just knowing you are there when I need you is an enormous support”. JK January 2019

“That session was amazing, I came out walking on air. I feel so much lighter. After all those decades I let that old stuff go. Thank goodness. I am very very grateful.” Julie

“I have just had the most relaxing inspiring weekend with Sally and her housemates. I cannot wait for my next one.”

“I get so much from the groups. I can feel my body changing while I am in them. The meditations feel very deep and the subjects covered are always spot on. Each one feels like the best one and all so unique.”

“My email consultation was about my relationship with family members. It had all come to a head and I could hide in bed and never come out or email Sally the situation. She responded immediately and within a few hours had sent me a long email explaining what had come up in the session. She tuned into my energy and had the situation spot on. I can now see it all from a clearer perspective. I was able to face my family with compassion and understanding afterwards. We are much closer now.” Dawn P.


Email consultations

Send me an email and explain what you need help with.



I offer a couple of rooms for guests, either as a quiet place to ‘be’ or with therapeutic support. Each is designed uniquely for you.



My groups are listed on under the title of ‘Colchester Spiritual Connection’ as I am guided by spirit with all that I do.

If you would like details of anything that I do or you would like then drop me an email