"We must learn to stop from time to time in order to see clearly."

Come for an hour, a few hours or a few days.

To relax, rediscover yourself, and gain clarity. 

   Life is a reflection of our inner world.


do you want to feel happier?

  • Would you like to manage your emotions better?

  • Do want a space in your life to reassess?

  • Are you aware of thoughts that hold you back?

  • Would you like to make some changes in your life?

If you answer yes to any of these then this is for you.


A space to 'be'

I hold a space for you to relax, be aware and release.

I can offer an hour to a few days staying at the retreat. 


not feeling worthy?

So your mind says I cannot give myself space. I am not ready to do that. Resistance in all forms. I cannot because ......



Then you can say 'I hear you mind but I am not going to ignore my needs any longer.' I can feel I need something deep inside. Accepting you deserve this time out to explore yourself.



Then making the move to book a few days or a few hours for you sets a change within you immediately. Making this commitment to yourself is powerful. There is only now to do this. Email me relax@sallysretreats.co.uk or telephone 01206 865582

One 1:1 therapy costs £60 per hour or part of.

The Retreat B&B costs £100 a day plus sessions at a discount of £50 per hour.

The Retreat offers support as you reflect on your journey.