"We must learn to stop from time to time in order to see clearly."

Come for an hour or a few days.

To relax, rediscover yourself, and gain clarity. 

   Life is a reflection of our inner world.


do you need to retreat?

  • Do you long for some quiet 'me' time?
  • Need space to reflect away from work or family?
  • Are you feeling tired and want to relax more?
  • Would you like to make some changes in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these then a retreat is needed.


Would you like more clarity?

Our lives are always changing and throwing up challenges to help us grow and develop. If we can accept this then we can stop fighting change and start to learn acceptance.


Tired of going round in circles?

We often try and control situations, and over think how to make things happen. The easier way is to find a way to stand back and let go. This is something you can learn on retreat.



Sometimes all we need is some personal space and time to release, reflect and refocus for amazing things to happen.